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East Coast Wreck Diver Class

How about having your next meal on a plate made in the 1890s? Or your next cup of coffee in the same cup used by a sailor during WWII?  Did you know that the coasts of New York and New Jersey are famous scuba diving sites known as Wreck Valley? There’s incredible scuba diving right in our backyard! Unlike most vacation destinations that sink boats for artificial reefs, the overwhelming majority of these shipwrecks are natural. Hidden artifacts lost to the sea are still out there. You can bring them to the surface and claim them as your treasure.

Join us as we scuba dive the SS Mohawk*, a steamer sunk in 1935, with lots of life and close to shore. We will be sailing with the Gypsy Blood, a famous dive boat with decades of experience on NY/NJ waters out of Point Pleasant, New Jersey.

While this class is a recreational Wreck Diver certification, we will be incorporating elements of Night/Limited Visibility diving, drift diving, deep diving, and boat diving training that exceed the minimum standards of training for this course. By the time this course is over, you will be fully confident to book your own spots on any charter in the North East and enjoy a fun day on the water!

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