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The unique characteristics of the nylon weave combined with the super-lightweight neoprene rubber allow our Quantum Stretch suits extraordinary flexibility and stretch capabilities. Standard neoprene wetsuits stretch one way but not the other. This is a limitation of the laminated nylon material necessary to construct a durable wetsuit. Through years of research and engineering, our neoprene experts have developed a four-way stretch nylon weave capable of withstanding the harsh elements of diving. The closely guarded, unique lamination process and a strategically designed pattern matched with lightweight, limestone-based neoprene is the science behind AKONA Quantum Stretch wetsuits. The most comfortable and best-fitting wetsuits in their class.



• Saltwater resistant zipper
• Quantum Stretch
• Warm Water Suit
• Comfortable Fit
• Women’s: With Front Zipper for Easy Donning and Doffing

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