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Scuba Network NYC trains hundreds of students every year and thousands between all 4 of our locations.

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Open Water Scuba Lessons

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Open Water diver training must satisfy the same criteria in all international agencies. New divers must complete the following within 1 calendar year:

  • Academics
  • Pool Classes
  • Open Water

Scuba eLearning allows students to easily learn at their own pace and at a much more affordable rate than traditional classroom style. The course includes 16 chapters and an online final exam. Students may start and stop lessons as needed, plus permanently have full access to academic materials long after the course is complete. All scuba eLearning courses include two in-person lectures with instructors: an introduction, and a review.

Scuba Network instructors teach all the skills students will need to perform in the open water. Instructors are also known to teach bonus skills based on decades experience! For everyone’s safety, every class is separated into pods with a maximum of 4 students per instructor, giving students lots of personalized attention. Private classes are also available.

All students must complete their Scuba eLearning coursework and an in-person review with an instructor at least 24 hours prior to attending any pool class. Students reserve pool roster spaces on a first-come, first-serve basis upon completion of their review. Classes fill up in advance–don’t wait until the last minute! We look forward to diving with you!

Dry Suit Diver Scuba Lessons

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The SDI Dry Suit Diver Course will open up a whole new world of diving to you. Many of the diving environments around the world are better experienced in a dry suit. Why? These areas have an abundance of marine life waiting to be seen and photographed – they just happen to be a little colder! Drysuits are also used in tropical water during the cooler months. This course allows the student to develop the knowledge and skills to properly use a dry suit. It will discuss the types of dry suits, accessories, maintenance, and how to make basic repairs.

Who this course is for:

The certified diver looking for advanced training in dry suit equipment, selection and diving techniques. This diver can extend their diving season, spend more time diving in cooler environments and/or enjoy enhancing their dive experience by staying warm and cozy in a dry suit.

eLearning: $99.50

Training: $299 Free with Dry Suit purchase!

Dry Suit Certification Class

Nitrox Diver Scuba Lessons

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What is Nitrox diving? Simply put: Nitrox divers may enjoy longer bottom times, less risk of decompression sickness, and shorter surface intervals. Many divers have reported feeling less fatigue after dives, too. 

Students of this course may study & learn all the crucial academic information online. Complete the academic portion through self-study, at your own pace, and in the convenience of your home or office.  All eLearning courses are available to access on mobile and tablet devices too!

NOTE: No dives are required for this course. Upon completion of eLearning, divers must attend an in-person practical that includes learning the use of a Nitrox Dive Table and an O2 analyzer. In addition, divers signing up for the Nitrox Scuba Diver course can take advantage of a discount on their own personal dive computer in-store!

All eLearning courses come with a full review in-person or via Zoom lectures with an instructor. A digital certification card is included in the cost of the course. A physical c-card can be printed for an additional $14.95

Nitrox Diver

Advanced Adventure Scuba Lessons

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Advanced Scuba Diver certification is the perfect way to further your diver experience and education. This course will build confidence, help divers gain new skills while perfecting existing skills, explore new sections of the ocean, and reignite your passion for underwater exploration!

The Advanced Adventure Scuba Diver course provides divers with knowledge enhancement of five different specialties: two core (Deep & Navigation), and three electives. Upon certification, divers will be able to explore deeper, navigate on their own, examine shipwrecks, dive in currents & more!

Our eLearning course has 15 unique specialty chapters with a quiz at the end of each section.  Students may complete this phase at their own pace through self-study and conveniently at home or at the office. All eLearning courses are compatible with mobile and tablet devices! All Scuba Network eLearning courses include a personal review with an instructor following completion. 

Once academics are completed, Divers are required to do 5 training dives to complete the Advanced Adventure certification.

Advanced Scuba Diver eLearning

Rescue Diver Scuba Lessons

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Rescue Divers are trained to spot emergencies before they happen, how to evaluate an incident, and, if necessary, assist in a rescue. This course is taken in conjunction with First Response courses: CPR and AED/Bloodborne Pathogens/Oxygen Administrator.

The academic information for this course can be studied and completed online at divers’ convenience, and on mobile or tablet devices at home.

Upon completion of this academic course and review, divers are also required to complete one evening of First Response, as well as one full day of training on the Open Water. Areas of rescue covered include surface rescues and bringing an unconscious diver from the bottom to the surface and towing them to shore. Divers signing up for this course are required to have all of their own gear, plus command of their buoyancy.

Rescue Diver eLearning Code

East Coast Wreck Diver

Price: $399

How about having your next meal on a plate made in the 1890s? Or your next cup of coffee in the same cup used by a sailor during WWII? Did you know that the coasts of New York and New Jersey are famous scuba diving sites known as Wreck Valley? There’s incredible scuba diving right in our backyard! Unlike most vacation destinations that sink boats for artificial reefs, the overwhelming majority of these shipwrecks are natural. Hidden artifacts lost to the sea are still out there. You can bring them to the surface and claim them as your treasure!

Price includes:

  • SDI Wreck Diver eLearning Course
  • Scuba Network Academic Classroom Session
  • 1 Dutch Springs Practice Dive (optional, but recommended)
  • Boat Ticket
  • 2 Open Water  Training Dives
  • Tanks/Weights on Boat Dive Day

PRE-REQUISITE: Open Water Scuba Diver

 East Coast Wreck Diver Class 

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